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Connect and Reflect Community

~ The Cultivation of Lifestyle Medicine ~

Engage. Align. Thrive.

Supporting our growth and healing...

We don’t have all the answers. 

New information is ever emerging. It can be a lot to sort through the material and actually take steps to incorporate the insights & lessons into our lives. Here - we do that together! 

This community is a resource for YOU to enjoy as you learn & incorporate Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PLM) practices. Besides, connecting with like-minded community can help the whole village thrive! 

BookClub ReflectionEvents

Every two months a new book is selected to read along with our community. Read at your own pace during this time, engaging with community as much or as little as you'd like through our private FB group.

These events invite you to expand your perspective. Discuss your experience with the latest book; share what resonated with you while discovering how the read touched the lives of others. Declare your biggest take away, and anchor insights and lessons into your daily mindsets and lifestyle practices.

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Empowering Health ConnectionEvents


In the months between Reflection Events, we will engage in healing practices corresponding to a chosen topic for each event. 


Each Connection Event (CE) features collaboration a specialty guest that has unique experience and knowledge related to health and well-being. CE's -are designed to expand the lifestyle medicine resources available to us as we heal, grow and evolve throughout our journeys. Learn more about our next Connection Event below!

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How does it work? 

All are invited to attend intimate events hosted by Becca Marshall, Founder of AXC, every third Thursday of the month. Events are offered livestream via Zoom, to support the activation, cultivation and enhancement of our Participatory  Lifestyle Medicine™.

Participants of these events have reported: 

  • Gaining confidence, clarity and understanding of the self and the world around us.

  • Engaging with a like-minded community focused on holistic wellbeing and integrative healthcare practices.

  • Learning more about embracing ourselves and others fully, and gain tools and knowledge to apply in your day-to-day life.

Current Book Selection:
All The Single Ladies, by Rebecca Traister


Reflection Event




Thursday, June 15th @ 7:30 pm EST


Join us LIVE for the event;

virtually via Zoom.

Zoom link available upon registration.

Check out our previous book selections on our Resources page.
RE Registration


Connection Event




Thursday, May 18th @ 7:30 pm EST


Join us LIVE for the event;

virtually via Zoom.

Zoom link available upon registration.

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CE Regstration

All C&R Events are donation-based.

This month, should you choose to donate, 80% of all donations will be be shared directly with the International BodyTalk Foundation (The remaining 20% will go toward administrative event fees).

The IBF has been established to support the research and development of the BodyTalk System and the education of the healthcare community and the general public. The IBF fulfills its mission through two branches of programs: Scientific Research Studies and BodyTalk Access Outreach Programs.

To learn more visit:

Previous Donations:
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Our Past Reads:

Here are books we've selected for previous Reflection Events to further support your growth, wellness, and alignment.

Yoga at Home

  Join for the Events, Stay for the Community! - Becca Marshall

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